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Welcome to hi-tech digital printing in Vietnam. My name is Lu and I was born in China in 1966. Before I started printing textiles I had a successful woolen sweater trading business. In 1996 I saw my first rotary sublimation printing machine, started learning how it worked and invested everything I had to get started. My focus started with upholstery and curtains but then evolved into apparel. I moved to Vietnam in 2018 to use my expertise in hi-tech digital printing to serve the booming clothing and furniture industry in Vietnam.
What kind of printing do you need? How can I help you? My team operates two factories in Vietnam; we can do digital sublimation, rotary sublimation printing, hybrid printing, emboss printing, digital transfer label printing, PU printing for shoes and direct to fabric printing for swimwear.

Please come and visit our two factories based in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Our team speaks Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean. We love to enjoy local Vietnamese and Chinese food and discuss hi-tech digital printing in Vietnam. Contact me, Max or Rebecca via our contact form below.
Rega Sublimation Printing Company

Can You See Your Product Here?

Apparel Hi Tech Digital Printer in Vietnam
Hi Tech Digital Printer in Vietnam for Petwear
Hi Tech Digital Printer in Vietnam for Backpacks
Hi Tech Digital Printer in Vietnam for Shoes
Hi Tech Digital Printer in Vietnam for Homewear
Hi Tech Digital Printer in Vietnam Accessories

Our customers are producing all these products.

Our job is to execute the printing.

We will meet your quality control standard.

Printing Technology We Have In House

Digital Sublimation Printing
Offset/Rotary Sublimation Printing
Hybrid Printing (Screen-printing and Sublimation Direct to Garment.)(Panel Print)
Emboss Printing
Digital Direct Thermal Transfer Label Printing
UV Digital Direct Printing
Digital Direct to Fabric Printing (All Over Print)

Digital Sublimation Printing

Digital Textile Printer in Vietnam

Rotary Sublimation Printing

Offset Rotary Printing in Vietnam

Hybrid Printing

Hybrid Printing in Vietnam

UV Digital Direct Printing

UV Digital Printer in Vietnam

Digital Direct Thermal Transfer

Heat Transfer Label Printer in Vietnam

Digital Direct to Fabric Printing

Swimwear Printer Vietnam

Substrates We Can Print On

Natural Fibers Like Cotton, Silk and Wool
Synthetic Fibers like Polyester and Nylon
Cellulosic Fibers like Bamboo, Viscose, Modal, Tencel and Rayon
Knit Fashion Fabric
Engineered Fabric
Woven Fashion Fabric
Canvas Fabric
Non-Woven Fabric
Poly Urethane
Poly Amide
Elastic Fabric (Elastane/Spandex)
Care Labels

We Invest in the Environment

Oeko Tex Certified fabric printer
Blue Sign Textile Printer in Saigon
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Our Repeat Customers

hi tech digital print factory dong nai

Dong Nai Factory - Site 1

Binh Duong Factory - Site 2

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