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Thank you for contacting us. How can we start working together quickly? Would you like to meet in person? Or would you like to send us your artwork for review. Contact us via our website contact form. We are standing by to be your digital sublimation printer partner in Vietnam.

Quality Control Options
Shrinkage Considerations
Payment Options
Shipping Options
Sample and Development Procedure
Sample Fees

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Quality Control Testing

Here are the different testing methods we will be checking for you quality control concerns.

1. Fabric Weight
2. Absorbency
3. Wicking Test
4. Dimensional Stability to Washing
5. Pilling
6. Skewness
7. Tensile Strength
8. PH Value
9. Color fastness:  
a) To Light
b) To Light & Perspiration
c) To washing
d) To Water
e) To Oxidative Bleach
f) To Perspiration
g) To Crocking
h) To dye Migration
Modified 70°C±5°C in 48h
Modified 90°C±5°C in 24h
i) To Dye Transfer in Storage "AATCC 163 Opt 1
(21°C±5°C in 48h)"
Fabric Testing Lab

Shrinkage Considerations

Dimension stability starts in the fabric mill and dyeing house when the fabric is knitted, dyed and stentered (set). Stentering is the process of drying and heat treating fabric after wet processing.

We encourage our customers to work closely with their fabric mills to find out the temperature at which the fabric was finished. In our printing factory we will be heating up the fabric again and this is when shrinkage happens. If the temperature settings are not factored in correctly as much as 5% shrinkage can occur in both the length and the width.

Message us and learn more about shrinkage management.
QC Checkers for Fabric Shrinkage

Payment Options

Our overseas clients will either pay upfront 100% before printing starts or in case of have a history of doing business together for a long time we accept 100% payment after printing before shipping.

For local customers who are new, we ask for a deposit. For long term local customers we sign a contract that allows for payment 15 to 30 days after printing and shipment is completed.

We are open to negotiating payment terms. Let's chat.
Sublimation Printing Payment Options

Shipping Options

One option is to import fabric from overseas, we print and then we re-export in less than 280 days to avoid paying value added tax. Typically we finish our printing work re-export in less than 60 days.

Another option is we buy fabric locally, we print and then we we sell locally or export.

Inbound local transportation costs are paid by customers and we pay for outbound local transportation costs.

We only pick up and deliver to the local ports. We only work on FOB terms.

We can also work with bonded business transactions.

Contact us for more information.
Transporting Printed Fabric in Vietnam

Sample and Development Procedure

1st we need to know what product you are making. Is your product apparel, bags or upholstery?

2nd we need to know what kind of fabric you want us to print on. Is it fabric made with synthetic fiber or natural fiber?

3rd we need to understand your quantities per design.

4th we need you to send us your original artwork in the form of vector files.

5th send us your fabric so we can print samples.

6th inform us your color reference direction. Are you using Pantone, CSI or open end (no color matching).

7th inform us your quality standards and how you will be verifying that we pass your standards. If you have a quality standard manual then please send us a copy to follow. Include your lab testing standard. If you need technical compliance, CSR compliance or factory certifications, please let us know.

8th inform us about your required delivery dates.

Once we have all this information and your sample fabric we will quote price, confirm delivery dates and print a sample for you.
Printing dye sub samples in vietnam

Sample and Development Fees

We do request that our customers pay for development fee the first time we work together. The fee varies based on either the number of styles a customer wants to develop or based on the printed yards required.

As an example, if the volume is large and the bulk print price is $2/meter then the development fee might be $4/meter.

Contact us to discuss details.
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