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Chairman Mr Lu

Mr Lu was born in Suzhou, China in 1966. He got his first full time job at the age of 15 and built a successful trucking company. 1966 he saw a rotary sublimation printing machine and sold his trucking company to buy one and start learning rotary printing. He researched the market and choose trendy images he thought would sell. He printed fabric and sold it himself. That is how his career as a high tech printer started. After a few years printing for the local Chinese market he started printing for the Middle East market for furniture, curtains and eventually sportswear. In 2015 he invested into Vietnam starting with a single rotary printer and Roland digital printer. His first year in Vietnam he printed one million yards. Just before COVID he was producing eight million yards per year. In 2021 he completed a 2nd state of art hi-tech printing factory 2 hours outside of Ho Chi Minh. He is passionate about printing and always challenging his team to learn new printing technologies. Contact Lu via the contact form below.
Mr Lu Sublimation Printing Guru

Vice Chairman - Mr. Max

Max Lu was born in 1988 in Suzhou China. He graduated from university in Shanghai with an MBA and then worked as deputy general manager and procurement director of Suzhou Rega. He then moved to Vietnam to help set up Rega’s first factory where he also served as deputy general manager. He was responsible for researching fabric sources in Vietnam. He is interested in investing, music and swimming. One of his favorite quotes from Steve Jobs is stay foolish, stay hungry.
Offset Sublimation Printing Experts in Vietnam

Sales Manager - Windy Hoa

Windy was born in 1989 in the northern city of Thanh Hoa. She moved to Dong Nai in the south of Vietnam to work for Nam Tex as a production process controller for the knitting, dyeing and finishing of fabric. She then worked for Eclat Vietnam in sales and merchandising for sportswear fabric production. She landed a job at Rega overseeing both sales and production quality control thanks to her ability to speak Vietnamese, Chinese and English. She enjoys working at Rega due to the style of Mr. Lu’s management. He trusts in her and her teams to do the right thing and ensure customer satisfaction.
digital printing sales staff

Communications Consultant - Chris Walker

Chris was born in 1970 in the USA. His first experience in the garment industry was working for Thai Son sewing factory in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam. He worked as the marketing and sales manager for six years. Each year he attended the Sourcing at Magic garment trade show in Las Vegas where he met many interesting creative and technical professionals that inspired him to pursue a career in the garment industry. Chris got interested in sublimation printing after he attended an Ergosoft training. Ergosoft is a rip software that converts RGB images to CMYK images which is necessary for sublimation printing to work. Chris works as the marketing director for Rega and sees a bright future for Rega because the owner, Mr. Lu thinks big, has his own sublimation paper factory and has great fabric sources in China.
Rotogravure Sublimation Print Expert in Vietnam

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